Testing Procedures

Insulated Rubber Goods, Arc Flash, and Tools Testing


A. Solvent Cleaning - Solvent is environmentally acceptable, MSDS statement provided
B. Detergent Washing - Mild detergent is used, MSDS statement provided.
C. Dielectric Testing - Procedure is done in accordance with ASTM Standards, Rubber goods are rejected during this step for:
1. Electrical breakdown.
2. Leakage current exceeding maximum limits set forth in ASTM Standards.
D. Drying - Drying is done with circulating warm air.
E. Visual Inspection - Rubber goods are carefully inspected inside and out for age cracking, imperfections in the rubber, minor tears, chemical attack and corona cutting.
F. Stamping - Rubber goods are stamped in ink and the boxes are labeled in accordance with ASTM.
G. Packing - Rubber goods will be packed in cartons. Rejected gloves shall be so marked and returned.
H. Documentation - Written certification of results will be furnished for all tested materials.


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Arc Flash Cleaned, repaired and visually inspected


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    JM Test Systems, Inc. Electrical Safety Lab is NAIL accredited and conducts the following tests to ASTM Standards:

  • Insulating Gloves ASTM D120
    Insulating Sleeves ASTM D1051
    Insulating Blankets ASTM D1048
    Insulating Line Hose ASTM D1050
    Insulating Covers ASTM D1049
    Insulating Matting ASTM D178
    Insulating Plastic Guards ASTM F712
    Insulating Aerial Devices ANSI A92.2
    Insulating By-pass Jumpers ASTM F2321
    Insulated Hand Tools ASTM F1505
    Insulating Rubber ASTM F2320
    Insulating Bucket Liners ANSI A92.2
    In-service Ground Jumpers ASTM F2249
    Phase Tester ASTM F1796
    Voltage Tester ASTM F1796
    Boots and Overshoes ASTM F1116
    Hotsticks & Insulating Lineman Tongs ASTM F711
    Voltage Detectors ASTM F1796
    Insulating PVC Shielding ASTM F1742

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