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NAIL Accredited Testing Lab

All equipment is tested and sent out with current dates before it leaves our lab

Insulating Rubber Goods Proof Testing and Cleaning to ASTM/ANSI Standards
insulated rubber gloves being dielectrically tested

  • Rubber Insulating Gloves to 40kv
  • Rubber Insulating Sleeves
  • Rubber Insulating Blankets to 40kv
  • Rubber Insulating Line Hoses

Arc Flash Cleaned, repaired and visually inspected
Test Procedure:

A. Solvent Cleaning - Solvent is environmentally acceptable, MSDS statement provided
B. Detergent Washing - Mild detergent is used, MSDS statement provided.
C. Dielectric Testing - Procedure is done in accordance with ASTM Standards, Rubber goods are rejected during this step for:
1. Electrical breakdown.
2. Leakage current exceeding maximum limits set forth in ASTM Standards.
D. Drying - Drying is done with circulating warm air.
E. Visual Inspection - Rubber goods are carefully inspected inside and out for age cracking, imperfections in the rubber, minor tears, chemical attack and corona cutting.
F. Stamping - Rubber goods are stamped in ink and the boxes are labeled in accordance with ASTM.
G. Packing - Rubber goods will be packed in cartons. Rejected gloves shall be so marked and returned.
H. Documentation - Written certification of results will be furnished for all tested materials.

Tool Repair Services:Performing mechanical jumper test according to ASTM F2321-05

Benefits / Added Services:

  • Pick Up and Delivery services.

    Saves thousands on shipping charges and possible claims.

  • Retest Notices via email and phone prior to items being due.

  • Auto replacement program available. (Cuts down on hold ups for turn-around time)

  • 2 week turn-around on testing time- expedited services available 24/7.

  • Detailed test reports on all equipment at no additional charge.

Fiberglass testing, Cleaning, and Repairs Total Reconditioning of Your Equipment. I.D Stamp for Your Benefits


Total Reconditioning of Your Equipment.



Line Hoses Can Be Cleaned, or Cleaned and Tested Used Line Hoses Look  New After Cleaning
Line hoses washed, cleaned, and tested at JM Test Systems..


Blanket Testing and Refinishing Services Blankets I.D. Per Your Request
Blankets washed, cleaned, tested, visually inspected, and stamped with test date.


Line Hose Refinishing - send in you line hoses to be cleaned and or cleaned and tested.



Also see our services on tool repair. Visit our Accreditation page to see details concerning our protective equipment testing certification.

For more information regarding JM Test Systems' certified laboratory testing program, please contact us at
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