Fiberglass Tool Restoration and Testing

Hot Stick and Power Line Tools Testing and Repair


  • Full reconditioning of linemen, contractors, and utility worker equipment to avoid safety hazards.

extension hotsticks, single sticks, shotguns, utility switch sticks.

Cleaner being applied to hot stick with sponge to bring the tool surface back to its original finish


  • Cleaning

  •    • OSHA regulations 1910.269(j)(2) "Condition of tools." states:
  •      Each live-line tool shall be wiped clean and visually inspected for defects      before use each day.
  •    • Having your sticks cleaned is essential when it comes to your safety. Your      equipment will need to be cleaned so that the surface condition has had all contaminants removed before testing.
  •    • The contamination on a hot stick surface comes from many different
         sources, such as:
  •                 1. Carbon tracking and carbon marks from conductor
  •                 2. Weather
  •                 3. Daily dirt and greases from storage.


  • Dielectric testing and certified to meet ASTM standards
    Sticks being dielectrically tested at customer's facility - we come to you

  •   • Testing your hot line tools is required to keep in compliance with
        OSHA regulations.
  •   • Sticks recommend tested every 12 months.
  •   • At JM Test Systems, we provide original certified test reports delivered with equipment that details each individual piece.
  • Hot sticks are tested to ASTM/ANSI D711 Standards.
  • We I.D. all of your equipment.


  • Visual inspection

  •    • Sticks must be visually inspected and cleaned daily before use.
  •    • Items must be stored properly by avoiding folding, excessive heat,      sunlight, humidity, ozone, and any chemical or substance that could      damage the item.
  •    • Hot tools should be transported in special storage compartments or bags.
  •    • Objectives of the visual inspection process are to identify any obvious damage
  •    • Must check for defects before use.


  • ID on all equipment - Custom stamping


  • Reglazing of hot sticks

   • Save up to 50% the cost of new equipment by letting us repair and refinish your fiberglass tools.
   • Cuts and scratches on fiberglass tools could allow water to get in resulting in conductivity.
   • If sticks are not maintained with wax the outcome could be fatal
   • Let us bring your equipment back to a "like new" condition
   • Allowing us to services your equipment regularly could result in extending the life of your hot sticks
     and more importantly keep you safer.


  • Multiple extension arms that came to JM Test Systems prior to us testing and reworking
  • Temporary hot arm extensions testing and rework.

       • Cleaning, Dielectric test, and Visual Inspection
       • Wax and refinishing
       • Replacement parts in stock such as eye bolts and nuts, conductor holders.
       • OSHA mandates arms must be tested and have a solid unicellular foam      core.
       • Pick up and delivery services available.
  •    • Let us rework your fiberglass extension arms to keep you in compliance            and keep you safe.

  • JM Test Systems carries a complete line of tools and attachments for virtually any application, from pruning to cleaning to sawing is available.

    We can save you money by utilizing surplus parts in stock.

    Hastings care, maintenance and testing of hot line tools.

    Salisbury hot sticks and tools.

    Chance testing of hot line tools.


Let us do your minor repairs onsite.
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