Battery Powered Tool Repair Services

Your Solution for All Battery Powered Tool Repairs.

Cleaning, Repair, Visual Inspection
Greenlee ECCX Battery Cutter/Crimper sent in to JM Test Systems for repair.
Total reconditioning of your tools


JM Test is dedicated to providing the highest quality repairs.
Quick turn around times.
Experienced technicians.
Save money versus purchasing new.

Factory trained technicians for the following:
• FCI Burndy • Stanley Hydraulics
• Burndy / Hubbell • Coffing Hoists
• Huskie Tools • Little Mule / Columbus McKinnon
• Greenlee / Textron • Von Corporation
• Fairmont / Textron • Reliable Equipment
• Ingersoll-Rand • S&C Electric Co.
• Cembre  

Extended capabilities for all manufacturers. Call to inquire today!

Stocking distributor for all of the top names in the industry and replacement parts available in stock to minimize lead times. Our goal is to have your tools restored to it's original operation and returned to you as as soon possible.

We repair all types of battery operated tools including:
• Batteries • Battery Operated Drills
• Grease Guns • Impact Drivers
• Impact Wrenches • Cordless Nail Guns
• Cutters/Crimpers • Battery Operated Hammer Drill
• Battery Operated Sawzall • Battery Operated Grinders


Burndy BCC1000CUAL Battery Acuated Cable Cutting Tool Burndy BCC1000CUAL (view product details)

  • Battery Actuated Cable Cutting Tool
  • 1000 kcmil Soft Drawn and 750 kcmil Hard Drawn Copper cutting capacity
  • Up to 2" O.D Aluminum cutting capacity
  • 12V Ni-Cd
  • Ni-MH Battery
  • Burndy PATMD6LI Battery Actuated Crimping Tool Burndy PATMD6LI

  • Battery Actuated Crimping Tool
  • Hydraulic Self Contained
  • 6 Ton Output Force
  • 7800 Operating Pressure
  • Dies Required
  • Burndy PAT46-18V Battery Actuated Crimping Tool Burndy PAT46-18V

  • Battery Actuated Crimping Tool
  • Hydraulic Self Contained
  • 15 Ton Output Force
  • 10000 Operating Pressure
  • Dies Required
  • Burndy PAT750LI Battery Actuated Crimping Tool Burndy PAT750LI

  • Battery Actuated Crimping Tool
  • Hydraulic Self Contained
  • 12 ton crimping force
  • Dies required
  • 18 VDC operating voltage
  • Huskie Tools
    Huskie Tools REC5430 12 Ton Compression Tool Huskie Tools REC5430

  • 12 Ton Compression Tool with1-3/16" Jaw Opening
  • One hand operation
  • Tested up to 75kV
  • Rotational Head
  • Rapid advance
  • Huskie Tools SL-ND 6 Ton Crimping Tool Huskie Tools SL-ND (view product details) (view spec sheet)

  • 6 Ton Crimping Tool
  • Forged jaws for long life
  • New pull-pin design for quick jaw change
  • Live line rating up to 75kV
  • Bright white LED lights for working in low light conditions
  • Huskie Tools ECO-EZND Crimping Tool Huskie Tools ECO-EZND (view product details) (view spec sheet)

  • 6 interchangeable crimp heads to choose from
  • Accepts all "W" & "X" Type Dies
  • One hand operation for ease of use
  • The swivel head design allows the jaws to rotate to 180° for operator convenience
  • Pull-pin design
  • Huskie Tools REC-P1ROBO*PUMP 10k Battery Powered Pump Huskie Tools REC-P1

  • ROBO*PUMP 10,000 psi battery powered 28.8 Volt Pump
  • Operate up to a single acting 60 ton press
  • Adjustable 10,000 psi
  • Eliminates the need for AC Power
  • Compact and Portable
  • Huskie Tools REC-54M Cable Cutter Huskie Tools REC-54M

  • Gear-Driven Cable Cutter with Notched Blade 2-1/8" Jaw Opening
  • Blade retainer, keeps the blades from spreading apart while cutting steel cables
  • Powerful motor gear drive allow the operator to cut through the toughest cables
  • Accomodates aluminum cables up to 1500 MCM
  • Notched both cutting blades to avoid the denting of the cutting surfaces
  • Cembre
    CEMBRE B-TC450A Cordless Hydraulic Cutting Tool Cembre B-TC450A

  • 18.0 V cordless hydraulic cutting tool
  • Designed to cut Copper, aldrey, Aluminium, Aluminium-Steel cables and Steel ropes, Aluminium and Steel rods having a max overall diameter of 1-3/4 in.
  • High strength steel blades heat treated to ensure long service life
  • 180 deg rotating head easily opens to allow cutting of running cables
  • Cembre B54M-KA Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool Cembre B54M-KA (view details)

  • 18V Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool
  • Balanced for greater control
  • Jaws rotate by 180 def for ease of operation in confined spaces
  • Extremely quiet, minimal vibration
  • Durable moulded body offering high resistance to wear and damage in all conditions
  • Cembre B1500A Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool Cembre B1500A

  • 18V Cordless Hydraulic Crimping Tool
  • Copper 8#AWG -1500 MCM
  • Alluminum #8 AWG - 1250 MCM
  • Max pressure sensor and pressure relief valve assure greater precision and repeatability of the pressure cycle and double the provision for operator safety.


    Battery powered staple gun sent in for repair. Let JM Test Systems solve your tool repair problems Battery powered drills sent in to JM Test Systems for repair. This battery powered saw is being completely reconditioned by our tool repair technician.

    JM Test Systems offers pick up and delivery services. Please call to inquire about your area.

    For more information on the products and services provided by JM Test Systems, please contact us at 800-353-3411 or email us at

    Battery Powered Tool Sales

    • Burndy PAT750LI Battery Actuated Crimping Tool

      Burndy pat750LI

      Battery actuated crimping tool 12 ton, 18V lithium ion hydrualic self

    • Greenlee EK06FTL12 Crimping Tool

      greenlee ek06ftl12

      Crimping tool, dieless FT bat 12V charger 350 deg crimping head rotation

    • Milwuakee Tools 2607-22 Compact Hammer Drill/Driver

      Milwuakee 2607-22

      M18™ 1/2 Compact Hammer Drill/Driver Kit 1/2" delivers 525 in-lbs of torque

    • Greenlee ESG25L12 Battery Powered Cutting Tool

      Greenlee esg25L12

      Greenlee cutting tool, 12 V charger 18V
      li-ion battery

    • Greenlee EK425LD012 Crimping Tool

      greenlee ek425ld012EK425LD012EK425LD012EK425LD012

      Crimping tool w/CJD30 jaws w/12 volt battery charger

    • Huskie Tools SL-ND Battery Operated Streamline Tool

      huskie tools sl-nd

      Huskie Tools SL ND streamline tool 6 ton output with LED working light

    • Aircraft Dynamics 5111 Cordless RoboImpact

      Aircraft dynamics 5111

      Lightweight 18v cordless RoboImpact 18V voltage used for all applications

    • Huskie Tools REC-5510 Battery Powered Crimper

      Huskie Tools rec-5510

      One hand operation tested up to 75kV rotational head rapid advance

    • Huskie Tools ECO-EZND 6 ton Battery Powered Compression Tool

      Huskie tools eco-eznd

      6 ton battery powered compression tool 6 available heads 180 deg operation

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